dancing and kissing

first off, I want to praise God that I wasn’t robbed tonight. When I got to my car, the driver’s side door was not closed all the way. That makes me think that someone was trying to rob me, and thank God that they didn’t becauseee my laptop and guitar were in my car, as well as a decent bike rack, and some other stuff. My wallet, cash… yeahhh. When I got to my car and saw that the driver door wasn’t all the way shut I was like ummm. But the door was still locked. And everything inside was untouched! God is good!

Next time I’m going to make sure I park close-ish to the building just to be safe. And maybe hide my stuff a little better.

Honestly, my car looks ghetto anyway because I’m practically a gypsy. I slept at a client’s house last night, am at my cousin’s house tonight, and will be home tomorrow night. Thursday night I’ll sleep at my client’s again. Maybe Friday night as well? My plans for Saturday officially changed because I was supposed to go to some worship thingy for learning about the New Testament in the bible in depth, buuuuuuut apparently it wasn’t a workshop at all… it’s more like a college class, and I should’ve been doing work all month to prepare for it. But ALAS I did not know that until today soo my Saturday definitely just freed up! So I might do this salsa crash course. Thought it costs $38. I know that isn’t a lot of money buuuut that doesn’t include the gas for coming down here. Though there is also a zouk event this Saturday that I could go to as well sooo. We shall see.

ANYWHO back to dancing and kissing.

Last night was Tuesday night, which means — as of late– dancing! Latin dance social. Annnnnd I’m soooooo glad that I went! I have been feeling under the weather for days, but I think part of that reason is because I have eaten too many carbs and haven’t worked out. Hahah anywayyyy I’m so so glad I went dancing tonight. I definitely came out of my shell a lot more and had a TON of fun dancing salsa. I even asked a couple of the good salsa dancers to dance with me and they did! It was a blast.

The best advice I got all night was “smile and have a good time”. Hahaha sounds silly maybe, but I have been focusing waaaaaay too much about my footwork and looking “correct” that I haven’t been having fun. You can’t make that up. Going with the flow of the song is soo important. Once I did that and let myself loosen up enough to move my hips I had a blast and was dancing wayyy better! There’s still a ton of moves that I have to learn that can only happen over time, but I’m feeling much more confident in my salsa in general and want to try to dance with more dancers.

As for the kissing part; as a christian, boundaries need to be established in dancing. Not dancing super pressed-up against someone is one boundary. Another is, being mindful of other sensual moves and knowing how to steer clear of them. And yet another is, when you look deeply into someone’s eyes, it can invoke passion and a desire to kiss them.

So. In the last 10 days, I have had three guys try to kiss me. One was drunk and I want to disregard him more or less, but we did dance together, and it was right after.

The second guy was very cute and a good dancer.

The third, the same.

But guys, I don’t even know them! Kissing people you don’t know is dumb. It makes it recreational and meaningless. It takes away how special kissing can be when it’s with someone you love. It shouldn’t be done with just anyone at anytime. And the second two guys knew that probably before they tried kissing me. I said “I can’t” when they tried. One guy responded “what do you mean ‘you can’t‘?” and I said that I didn’t kiss guys I don’t know. I said I couldn’t to the other guy too, and he said “right, because we don’t know each other”. It’s like… people know. Let’s do each other a favor and have respect for others enough to not try to kiss them two hours after you met them. Or, in the case of the first guy, like 10 minutes. sorry not sorry

Dancing is very passionate. Can be very sensual/sexual. Doesn’t have to be, but can be. Can invoke a sense of closeness with your partner because of the movements. That’s why those boundaries are very important.

One of my girlfriends told me she thought about stopping dancing bachata in general. Because it tends to be more sensual. I don’t want to stop because there are soo many moves one can do that don’t have to be sensual. But the songs often slow down to a point where it seems natural to do more body rolls and isolated movements. Which CAN be done with space in between the dancers. And they can be done well. But if you don’t know who you’re dancing with, and don’t clarify that you don’t dance close up front, you may be disappointed when someone tries to get all close with you.

And it’s hard guys, because it’s nice to be close to people. It’s nice. That physical touch. And non-Christians don’t think about the proximity too much. Don’t question it, because they don’t see the clear line between right and wrong, and don’t have the help of the Holy Spirit saying “more space! It’s for your own good!”. When physical intimacy and closeness is shared between people that aren’t married, things get real confusing. You feel this bond and connection with the person, but only on a physical level. So next time you get lonely, you might think of that person and the proximity and how nice it felt.

But do not be deceived. Plus, setting boundaries is a great way to witness! And as much as I love physical touch, my Jesus is worth WAY more to me than temporary satisfaction. I live because of my God, and I live to please Him. And that means trusting that He’s got something better for me than settling for appeasing my emotions and experiencing “satisfaction” in the meantime. Which, by the way, isn’t real satisfaction because it leads only to confusing results anyway!

So, dancing and kissing. Watch out friends! Don’t be afraid to say no. Know why you’re saying no. Set boundaries. And enJOY! Dancing is wonderful and beautiful and amazing. Dancing itself is not the issue. But don’t let your partner take advantage of your body and skin for their own pleasure. And don’t use other people’s bodies for your own pleasure.

“Don’t you know that you yourselves are God’s temple and that His Spirit dwells in your midst?” 1 Corinthians 3:16 

xxx ❤




Why can’t we be friends?

This isn’t the lyrics to the infamous Smash Mouth song from 1997.

I’m talking about being friends with guys. Is it possible?


I haven’t thought so for years. Rewind to high school: sophomore year. My honors english teacher told us that every relationship is built on some level of attraction. He said that guys and girls, that are friends, must be attracted to each other on some level. I took that to heart.

Fast forward to about four years ago when I read C. S. Lewis’s “The Four Loves”. In the friendship section Lewis writes that men and women have no business being friends. He says that friendships between men and women will end in one of two ways: romantic love between the two people, or one person falling for the other romantically, and the other not reciprocating.

I have ALWAYS had this experience with the opposite sex. Which is why I take the liberty of not keeping in contact with guys who seem to have a crush on me.

I always thought I was quoting Gandalf from Lord of the Rings when I say “do not shed light where there is no hope” in reference to my decision to not talk to guys I’m not interested in romantically. Though I just googled that quote and it doesn’t seem to exist. I swear it’s somewhere in the LOTR or possibly the Hobbit. Oh well!

Point is, what business do I have talking to fellows one on one, building relationships, pouring in time and energy, if they seem to be interested in me, but I have no interest in them? Hmmmm

That’s what it is you know: energy. We only have so much energy to give out day to day. We only have so much time to put forth in our relationships. We can only juggle so many relationships as it is outside of working and sleeping, socializing, hobbying, family and friends. Especially when it comes to the opposite gender.

Think about it: why cultivate a relationship with someone that you KNOW is interested in you but you have little to no interest in them? I think where some people go wrong here is that they enjoy the flattery. It is flattering to be liked. To be wanted. To be admired. It’s nice when someone thinks we are cool and pretty and fun. So when they’re giving us attention that we want to get from somebody but there isn’t anybody else giving it, it’s natural and easy to accept the attention and roll with the conversations.

It can be hard to be direct with people about feelings though, even though we all have direct access to each other almost 24-7 with cellular phones. But communicating real feelings is a whole nother topic. And people don’t want to hurt anybody’s feelings these days either. Not saying that we should set out to hurt other people, but there is such a thing as letting someone down easy.

So here’s the challenge: is someone hitting you up that you know you don’t want to entertain the possibility of a relationship with? Release them. If you feel as if you aren’t leading them on and are genuinely enjoying your relationship with this person and feel as if the relationship is beneficial and healthy to both parties, then great. Carry on. Continue.

Before you do anything, pray about the relationship. Ask God to show you whether or not it is profitable to be in contact with the individual. God cares about our relationships with others. After all, our most important relationship should be with Him, first and foremost!

Nuff words for the night. Thoughts on relationships? Can guys and girls be friends?

xxx ❤


I have a family

different from the one I was born into. It’s a heavenly family. A divine family. A family that I didn’t see for myself and say “I want to be a part of that family.”

But my new, heavenly, divine Father was the one who picked me to be in His family. He saw me floundering in the world, and chasing guys, drinking too much, doing drugs, and obsessing over my appearance. He saw me struggling with not eating right, and overexercising to compensate for eating too much. He saw my broken earthly family and the heartache. And He decided to reach out. He talked to me. He planted a seed in my heart that I didn’t know existed.

I believed. I believed it was He, and He rescued me. I turned to Him and saw His ways with fresh eyes, and for the very first time.

He adopted me.

Adopting a child is no small feat. The action alone says “I want to be kind to you, for no reason.” He wanted to be kind to me, for no reason. Simply because He wanted to share His love with me.

He gave me a room in His spiritual house and began teaching me what it means to be a member of His family. As His daughter, there are certain things I don’t do anymore. There are things I do differently. There are things that I once did that I couldn’t fathom doing now, so as to honor my new family.

I want to please Him. I want to be around Him and learn from Him. I start to understand why He says it’s not good to do certain things. Other things I still try to do and He doesn’t let me. I usually understand later on the reasoning. The reason behind His discipline isn’t always clear though. But I know He is to be trusted and that one day it will all become clear.

He wants me to uphold the family name. He wants me to serve the family. He wants to share His riches with me. He already has made my life rich with His love and grace and endless mercy; but then He says there are immeasurable riches to come. An immeasurable share of riches is mine; simply because I was adopted into God’s spiritual family. At no cost to me.

No cost, except I have to be willing to stop living the way I was before. I’ve come a long way, though there are many things I don’t understand.

Lord, what love is this that you would send your son to die on the cross for my sins, so that I might be reconciled to you and enjoy you and your riches forever?

What love is this that You set Yourself to win my love by loving me first? You made it your goal to love me and catch my affections, so that you might have mine. Why would you want mine?

We love because He first loved us.” 1 John 4:19

Let us go out and love others first, and for “no” reason; to emulate Christ.




Life is good.

Y’know that? Life. Is. Good.

I ran into a lady the other day who didn’t share the same feelings as me. She was going through some hard stuff, and because I wasn’t, at the time, she assumed that I didn’t understand what it’s like to go through hard stuff.

Guys, life is hard. And I guess it’s true that some people aren’t hit with hard stuff until later in life. I was hit with hard stuff earlier on, and there’s probably a lot more hard stuff to hit me. But we have to keep on trucking. I can choose to focus on the hard stuff itself, or the hope and belief that God is in control, loves me, and has a greater plan than I can see or understand.

I don’t mean to undermine hard times. Suffering sucks. I never want it, and cry when I’m going through it. Praise God that I have learned how to cry out to GOD in difficult times. Praying all the time. Trusting. Waiting. Worshiping while waiting.


Last night I was feeling sick. And even though I wanted to go dancing, I stayed home and went to bed. 10 hours later, I was feeling better. So I worked today. And was feeling progressively better throughout the day. And here it is, almost 8pm, and I feel SOOO much better than last night.

So well, in fact, that I decided to clean my apartment. It’s been a whiles since I did that…. because I honestly haven’t been home. But uhhh it needed it. And now it’s looking a lot better! Lots of organizational shtuff had to be done. Filing of papers. Stacking of books. Organizing my gift box/wrapping stuff.

I still gots to go through my closet a little better and rid of unworn items. I feel like I am constantly doing this since I seem to gravitate towards wearing the same 5 articles of clothing each day. Hahahah 😀

It feels good to have some order in my home life. I don’t like to come home to a freakin’ tornado. I do treat this place like a base though. I pop in, sleep, do laundry, work, grab stuff, and leave. Being here tonight is kindof a rarity.

I like it. Need it.

Tomorrow is going to bee busy. Ish. Busyish. Buzzish

I have prayer & church. A meeting. A birthday party. Was asked to go biking but ehhh I don’t really feel like it.

And rest. Scheduling in some rest. Bible reading. Book reading. Playing music #worshiping ❤ 🙂


Spending time in the presence of the King. Need it.

Sorry this post is all over da place guyz. I’m just throwing all my thoughts here, as you can tell.

MMk time to move on with my life.

Focus on Jesus, not the waves.

Remember God’s faithfulness and that all of his promises are true. He is the Promise-Keeper.


And He is the Perfect Father. He takes care of His children. So listen for His voice. And listen to what He says. And obey. Trust and obey. For there is TRULY no other way.

kk more later, ❤ xxx V

You know I must be sick because

I am not going dancing tonight. But more than that, I’m not going dancing tonight with the french model that I met dancing last week.


I am not well. Unwell.

And sad.

So so sad.

But God knew that I needed to stay home tonight. Siggggggggggh so here I am! Home again home again dickory dock.


I’m now gonna make myself as snug as a bug in a rug.

I didn’t yet mention that we were going to go dancing at a spot I haven’t been before. He goes every week though. Dang.

He’s an eclectic dude. I hardly know the guy, of course. But I know that accent is fire. Not fire, actually. That accent melts out of his mouth like chocolate left by a fire. A french chocolate puddle. The aroma is delicious.

Okay I’m done. And single. And tired. And ill.

Hahah I need sleeeeeeeeeep.

To be continued my friends. It’s 9:43pm and I have to start working at 9:00am tomorrow. Sooo I’m going to attempt to get 10.5 hours of sleep now. Shouldn’t be too terribly hard. I think it’s an ibuprofen kind of night. I never take that stuff, so you know I must be sick.

But come on, the dancing alone tells the tale. Let alone the dancing with the french model. Life is unfair sometimes.

But I trust God! And He weaves my story together. He protects me, because He is the Perfect Father. xoxoxo ❤


More later




And still going to write this blog post. I’ve started about 4 in the last few days and never got around to finishing them or posting them so I’ma start from scratch right meow.

I should be napping right now, but I’m going to nap right after dis! Last night was Tuesday which means DANCING! Yes

Last night it occurred to me how special the place I go really is. It’s quite the hole-in-the-wall joint. It’s a latin dance social put on by a DJ/dance instructor that owns a local dance studio. He and several instructors come and dance every week as well as dozens of other extremely talented dancers. There are plenty of regular folk too (like me!) and it’s sooo much fun being able to dance such eclectic people.

Last night I danced with a french model multiple times. I danced with him more than anyone else. Hahaha guys, this dancing thing has brought so much joy and FUN into my life. And has given me some pretty great stories as well. Last night was a much better experience than when I went dancing on Saturday night at a new location. There were only like ten people there, and I ended up dancing with the security guard the whole night hahaha. 😀 Except for when I was getting harrassed by a drunk guy named Carlos who kept on trying to kiss me. Eww. After he LIED about being able to dance bachata. Ha! That dude couldn’t bachata for crap. It become quite obvious the mo we got onto the dance floor. I was like uhhmmm you don’t actually know how to dance do you. And he was like hehe uhhhh


Yeah buddy there was no hiding it! ANd then the whole “you are sooo beaUtiful! Your lips, your hair, your eyes. Woooooow. I want to KEESE you!”


But he did buy me a mojito, so that was cool. The mojito ALMOST made up for his shennanigans. 😉 lol

I’ll keep you posted on dancing adventures, and the men I meet along the way. 🙂

Meanwhile, I love blogging. I love the bible studies I’m currently involved in. People keep saying “Praise God that you love children and He is using you to teach them.” Ummm

Yeah I guess I actually do love children…………………………………………………………………. it’s weird to think that, type it, believe it? Acknowledge it? I just haven’t had a lot of experience taking care of/being around kids besides my siblings (I’m one of five). And some nannying/babysitting here and there, but not a lot. Kids are tiresome, loud, needy, exhausting. But So Are Lots of Other Things. It definitely helps to uhhm make sure I’m getting enough SLEEP –soon, soon– and take care of myself well. Besides sleep, getting enough rest in da Lord is vurrrrr important too!

SO I’m going to go take a nap, and then I’m going to work on my book. The one that is on Christian Living/Fundamentals/how to grow spiritually. If I don’t schedule it in to work on/edit the book, it ain’t gonna happen. It hasn’t happened in months actually. Time to pick this baby up again.

And then I shall go to work. With the grocery store along the way for my client. And then I have a night shift tonight at my other job. Before I start that I’ll probably play some guitar. Life is good!

Enjoy your Wednesdays, everyone. And if you’re bored, watch my latest video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8XkOMfzZfRk


GOD BLESS! ❤ xxxx


new shoez

Ahhhhhh there’s something about getting new shoes!!!!! Especially when they’re FREE

Yes, God is SOoooO good to me! I have been needing sneakers for far too long. Specifically small, cute black ones with mesh.

The last few days, my new client has been commenting on my shoes. “I’m worried about you wearing those flip-flops!” She’s kinda right; I’ve been tripping over them a bit. But her house is really hot and I’m moving around all over the place so it’s not my favorite choice to wear sneaker-like shoes.

Tonight one of my flip-flops straight broke. And it wasn’t the kind of breaking where you can just pull the piece back through the bottom of the shoe. The strap snapped!

My lady (we’ll call her B) said, “do you have any sneakers in your car? Or those flats that cut your feet? Not that you’d want to wear those necessarily…” I had told her about some leather ballet flats I bought last year, thinking I was making an investment on shoes that would last for years to come. Unfortunately, they cut my feet every time I wear them. I can’t seem to break them in. sigggggggh

I told her I did have those flats, but I didn’t want to wear them… I almost tried to tape or staple the shoe back together, but I asked B what size shoe she wears. She said 9. I usually wear a 9.5-10 depending on the brand– yes, I know I have big feet. DEAL.

She said she has some shoes around somewhere and told me to check in a closet near to us. There were some brand new black sketchers. She told me to try them on. They fit like a glove. I said “ooh wow these fit great!!! Thanks so much for letting me borrow them!”

And B said “Why don’t you keep them? Think of them as a birthday present!”

My birthday is in 3 weeks ❤ ❤ ❤


legit these are the perfect shoes. Perfect fit, comfortable, breathable, stylish, not bulky… they’re cute and practical and puuuuuuuurfect

And I’m not sure B would’ve given them to me if I hadn’t brought her some chocolate and PB-filled pretzels. She asked how much I owed her and I said not to worry, it’s a gift! She said “it’s not even my birthday” to which I said “but it’s your birthday month!” [[I’m all about that celebrating]]

I did not expect anything from B for that gift. It goes to show how giving can be such a huge blessing! It can mean so much to people! And it creates a spirit of giving.

Now I am blessed with the perfect shoes!!!!!!!!!!!! And a stronger friendship with B!

Praise God, from whom ALL blessings flow 🙂

Have a blessed night friends!



almost midnight

and I’m definitely ready for sleep. I caught a second wind but I know I’ll be able to fall asleep once I lay my head down. Unforch I’m about to start a night shift. Luckily I don’t have to stay awake all night long though; I just have to check on my lady every 3ish hours, unless she’s making uncomfortable teeth-grinding noises. That’s how she communicates: by grinding her teeth. She doesn’t necessarily choose to, she just does. The grinding could mean any number of things. I usually go through the list and check out whatever she could need, and then pray the grinding stops.

Tomorrow is Thursday. The week flies by when one is having fun. I have been having too much fun dancing. Too much. Honestly. Hahah I love it though. Everytime I think about it I get excited. I am going dancing again on Saturday night at 10pm, God willing.

It’s too late to delve into the rest of my thoughts for this week and weekend. All I can say is, time is continuing on. October 3rd becomes October 4th. Night becomes day. Seasons change. But I feel … the same. The progression of my maturing is molasses slow. Impossible to see day to day, but perfectly clear in hindsight.

God has brought me a long way. just like He brought Joshua and the Israelites. Check out this verse from Joshua 11:6

“The LORD said to Joshua, “Do not be afraid of them, because by this time tomorrow I will hand all of them, slain, over to Israel. You are to hamstring their horses and burn their chariots.”

That’s what I choose to focus on. God carries us through every situation. So whatever tough situation is on your plate right now, choose to focus on Christ, and the work that HE is doing. And the situation will seem effortless and light. It will fly by and you will say “wow, is it really overwith already?”

That’s how I choose to view this night shift. By this time tomorrow I will have completed it, worked, rested, prepared, worshiped, worked again…. Loved, laughed… listened to the Lord. Lavished life.

I should call my family. Time is short, friends. This life is but a blink. Let’s not take it for granted!!!!!!!!!!

Love to all…. Christ can accomplish within me more than I could ever ask, think or imagine. Ephesians 3:20

For His glory~


xxx ❤


before & after dancing

I’m starting to write a post now, at 7:14 because I wanna get hyped for bachata & salsa!!!!!! Not that I really need help, since this is THE highlight of my week…. besides maybe more dancing on Saturday night?!?! And maybe Thursday night?!?!?


But uhh yeahhhhh I bought two new dresses today… Not sure which one I should WEAR! Probably the blue one. I might even post a picture if I take a cute one hehe

So I’m about to get ready and then I’ma drive down to go dance. It’s 45 minutes away. Not bad. I’m used to living in the woods where everything is far away so 45 minutes really aint bad!

I almost wasn’t going to go dancing about 2 hours ago because I was feeling rather ill. But I think the main reason I was feeling illish was because I’ve been eating too many carbs lately and not doing enough exercising!!! So dancing is DEFINITELY what I need! Plus, I didn’t go on Saturday night specifically so I would be well enough to go tonight!

Ba-da-BOOM! Now I pray the Lord guides my steps and keeps me from bumbling too much. I’ve been rather butter-fingerish the last couple of days… hahahaha 😀

kk I’ll update later 😉

So here we are. It’s 12:18am… I’m to the place I’m staying a bit earlier tonight. Probably for da best since I gots to get up and go to bible study in the a.m.! Ahhhhh

it was so fun guys. Like, SO fun. I’m just feeling the love of God. He is so good to give me dancing! It’s such a beautiful gift to me. And I’m not going to abuse it like I’ve done with every other exercise. Once a week has been wonderful. Who knows, maybe I’ll go to the one this Thursday. Definitely the one on Saturday night if I’m up for it.

Ooh dang, my hip is definitely talking to me. And my lower back. Lots of spins and twists tonight. Hmm. One guy accidentally hit my hand on the wall. That was pretty funny. He said he would buy me a drink next week. And then he said the guy next to me would buy it. Then he said he’d buy me a soda. I dunno guys, I have a feeling he wasn’t telling the truth 😉

I danced with some patient gentlemen tonight. They were doing the salsa basic with me and said I was pretty good. I really gots to get on the taking-classes-wagon. Perhaps this Sunday? I found a private instructor who teaches on da weekends. We shall see. If I am not too sore/alive after possibly going dancing Saturday night (it goes from 10-2!) then I will see about taking a class Sunday afternoon. Though I should probably call the guy and see if he has any openings and if it’s by appointment only or a walk-in.

Yuppppp fun fun fun it was fun.

Back to the exercise thingy. Words cannot describe my gratitude and awe of my amazing God, the One True King. He had been nudging me to stop working out and trust Him for months and months. I would go a while and then start working out again. I couldn’t see that He would take care of me. So I stopped working out. Started trusting God. And within a few weeks, He gave me an opportunity to dance. After I prayed that He would give me an. opportunity. to. dance. I actually wrote a song called “Father Daughter Dance” which I’ll upload to YouTube eventually (youtube.com/skizarefun09). The song is about the dance of life, and dancing with God by following His lead. ❤ ❤ ❤

But uhhhh yeah dancing is such a wonderful workout, but it’s way more than that. It’s life giving, heart-filling. Satisfy. Rich. Exhilarating. Expressive. Personal. Stylish.

I love dancing with so many different types of folks. I can’t even tell you how many dudes I danced with this evening. And each of them had such different styles! I’m learninggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤


K I should go to sleep now! I gots to get up at …. 7:30 I guess. It’s now 12:43 cuz I got side-tracked on facebook. #CLASSIC

Yeah I get up at 7:30, leave at 8:00. Go to WaWa to get coffee. Prepare the music time when I arrive at da church. I guess. Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay life is good.

God is better.

❤ Buenas noches ❤


low thrill threshold

my new client uses the phrase “low thrill threshold” when she gets excited about something seemingly mediocre. I lovee this. with two e’s

because it’s soo joyful! There are too many things to find joy in day to day that we choose to overlook because we focus on what’s wrong or worry about what we have yet to do. I am SO thankful that my new lady is joyful. Especially given her circumstances. She is disabled, doesn’t really leave the house, and her husband of 39 years just passed away in August… hmmm

Writing all that down and then reading it makes me feel pretty good about my life and my situation. When I start to feel down or depressed or hopeless it’s a good reminder to look on the bright side and acknowledge it could always be worse.

Back to the low thrill threshold. The littlest things excite me lately. My friend told me yesterday that I seemed “lighter”, and I want to attribute it to dancing. I am very passionate about it and it brings me SO MUCH JOY. It’s so fun. Like soOoOoOOoo funnnn!!! I’ve been missing it in my life for too long!

I danced ballet when I was like 6-10. Then I did some ballet in 8th grade… it was a summer camp. So I was like 13.

Theeeeen I did break dancing my senior year of high school…. and freshman and sophomore years of college. I loved that and got super strong, which was awesome.

So it’s been quite a while since I have danced. Besides dancing around the house when nobody is around! 😀 😉 ❤ 🙂

Plus, dancing with another person is a whole nother animal. Following the dude while he leads makes me look like a way better dancer than I feel like I am. I know it takes some #skillz to follow well, buhh likkke I know we be lookin like Dancing with the Stars a little bit and I don’t feel like I can take credit for that 😀

Anyway, dancing has brought sooo much joy to meeeeeeee and it’s seeping into all other parts of my life! Contagiously! Like a smile or a yawn! I guess more like a yawn, because a smile doesn’t always spur grumpy tired people to smile back.

Now I’m not trying to say that dancing qualifies for a low thrill threshold. It’s quite exhilarating, actually. But the overflow of joy that it continues to bring whenever I think about it in between days that I dance is crazy. All I can say is … Why does God give me such good gifts?!









I mean, ay I’m not complaining. Thanks and praises to my King all da way! He is good and deserves to be praised. That’s all I can say!

SO my fine feathered friends, look for the joy. I pray that God blesses each of you with something that brings you overflowing amounts of joy! He is good and worthy of our praise!!!!!

LOVE to all xxx ❤