“The Best of Me” — Nicholas Sparks movie review


Oh my goodness. I literally just wiped tears from my eyes before I started to write this. I am alone at home, no pants on, fluffy blanket over me. I stuffed my face with dal & pasta and turned on this heart-wrenching love story not knowing what to expect. If I had known that it was based on a story by Nicholas Sparks I would have retrieved the tissues in advance.

“The Best of Me” was a tale of two people deeply in love with each other but torn away from each other in the midst of their love due to a tragedy. Years later, they reunite and old feelings inevitably begin to bubble over the top.

Luke Bracey stars as the young Dawson Cole who wins the heart of Amanda Collier (played by Liana Liberato).


Liana & Luke

The story is told in a retrospective fashion, beginning with older Amanda & Dawson meeting, and the stirring of old memories. The viewer is taken back to when they first met each other with all of the memories and trials they shared together coming to life.


Something that totally bothered me about this film is the fact that James Marsden was supposed to be the older Dawson Cole. The resemblance is simply not there. It was frustrating.


Marsden & Bracey

As one can clearly see, they look nothing alike. Luke (young Dawson) is obviously way more dreamy. I mean come on:


Luke Bracey

Anywho, I’ll give the film an 8.5/10 on a scale of 1 to well done. The predictability factor was high but that’s because it was by Nicholas Sparks.


Check out “The Best of Me” for a soggy girls’ night in or if you feel as though your heart needs wrenching


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