There aren’t many things worse than when you’re itching to go on an adventure or do something incredible but you can’t because your physical body is sick. I’m one of those people who tends to get sick more than other people… It’s the unfortunate combination of (1) a weak immune system mixed with (2) the inability to eat small amounts of sugar mixed with (3) having the capacity to spread myself thin like too little butter over too much bread mixed with (4) fate.

I’ve gotten better at avoiding being sick over the years but that inevitable cold Creeps in every few months or every so often. Today is February 8th and it’s been about 3 months since I was last sick with a small head cold. The last time I was sick for a solid week was at the end of September and the beginning of October when I moved from one apartment to the next, started a new job and started taking care of seven or eight little toddlers every week. Being around children that young is a sure-fire way of getting ill but the Lord has protected me ever since for the most part.

Unfortunately there are still other factors that I can control that helps me to stay well but I haven’t gotten smart enough to avoid them completely. One of my downfalls is eating too much sugar which is why I am doing a 21-day sugar detox currently. I am on day 11 right now and things have been going pretty well. For the first 7 days I only consumed 55 grams of sugar give or take a couple of grams and the last 4 days I have tried to be sugar-free. There was one instance the other night where a couple of chocolate caramels made their way onto my plate without me being able to do anything about it so I’m going to let that slide… But for the most part I have been sugar free and it is definitely not been fun. I have had a headache, fatigue and worst of all I think these cold symptoms have something to do with the detoxing effect.

You see, I have never taken a legitimate break from sugar in my entire life. I can remember being 4 years old and robbing the cookie jar as soon as my mother went outside and left me alone in the house. After that I have been known to consume large quantities of sugar every few days and also replace regular meals with a large portion of dessert justifying it because I didn’t really eat a meal so then I could obviously have a giant bowl of ice cream with a brownie on top with a side of three cookies and chocolate syrup and sprinkles and caramel and extra sugar on the side.

But for real, I am not used to not eating sugar and I am very thankful that I’m able to do this detox. I just hope it creates a rift between sugar and I that makes me not even crave the stuff. Whoever says that sugar is not on the same level as other drugs hasn’t suffered with a sugar addiction before. I see this seriously now but for a long time I have joked about it saying that I have sweet teeth and I love dessert and things to that effect. And all that stuff is true… But what is also true is that sugar has led to overeating and weight gain and keeping on weight that keeps me lethargic, makes me unhappy, and weakens my immune system all the same time. So I’m thinking if I can cut this tie with my good friend sugar once and for all I will be able to avoid some of these things for good. I’m not saying I believe that I’m never going to get another cold in my whole life once I stop eating a lot of sugar but I know that it is definitely a factor that I have some control over. Nor am I saying that I’m never going to eat sugar again… I believe that God gave me the gift of self control and it is my desire to exercise that self control over every area of my life including eating. I want to be able to enjoy sugar and dessert in small quantities every so often and I don’t want to give it up for good. But this detox is good for me in the way that my mind won’t automatically start thinking about sweets every time I am finished eating. It might take more than 21 days for this to happen, especially because the first seven I wasn’t completely sugar-free… But at least it’s a start!

Have you detoxed from sugar before? Are you a sugar addict? Post your comments below!

Love you all!



Garlic: natural cure-all


We all know the feeling. The tickle in the back of our throats. The wave of fatigue subtly washing over us. The thought crosses our mind — Oh no, I think I’m getting sick!

Thoughts of work and school cancellations pop up like corn kernels in a sauce pan. The desire to visit with friends at the beach is out the window and the thought of a comfy bed seems more and more inviting.

At this time, in the beginning stages of when you think a sickness is coming on, it’s time to whip out the garlic.

Stop Your Sickness in its’ Tracks

Find 1-3 cloves raw garlic. Crush under a knife. Eat it.

If you’re ballsy, consume naked and vigorously, chewing the crushed cloves and withstanding the burn of the juices as your nostrils flare and your eyes water. (Or actually cry because of the potency!)

If you’re sane, add to a piece of toast, some beans, some crackers. Anything to make the garlic go down easier.

But really chew it up. Chew till it burns.
Meanwhile, drink tea. Fresh ginger, mint, and lemon juice tea will do the trick. And rest as much as possible. Avoid refined sugar. Avoid processed ginger ale soda, and opt for the real thing.

This was me a couple days ago. Where rest was NOT possible. I was cleaning houses back to back. It was extremely hot outside and cleaning is no lazy task. For me it was water, water, tea, rest for 10 minutes, water. In between each house I took a 30 minute break and popped 1,000 mgs of pure C and closed my eyes.


5 houses and 2 days later, I’m good. The garlic is a miracle worker, folks. Now I’m not a doctor, nor will this work every single time for everyone, but I have had many successful attempts at avoiding getting sick thanks to Mr. G. Mr. Garlic that is.

As soon as I ate the garlic I felt a chemical change occurring inside of me. Yes, it could have been heart burn… But honestly, I was feeling good pretty quickly 😉

Give ‘er a try. Garlic, fluids, rest as much as possible.

Good luck ❤

how to score free food ;-)


One reason for working is having money to buy food. And my, oh my, is food expensive. I remember all of the event flyers around the college campus trying to lure students to check out their clubs for promises of “Free pizza!” or “Free cookies and hot chocolate!” It was an effective tactic. I mean, there was the time freshman year when I went to Spanish club for only one meeting so as to get a free dinner at a Mexican restaurant. What??? I was young and naive.

Too true though. Kids want food. And free food is the best kind of food. So how does one score food for free? And in mass quantities?

Clean Houses for Free Food

This summer I’m working for a realty company on the weekends cleaning houses for them in between renters. People rent a house for usually a week, sometimes two or even four, and when they pack up and leave, many delicious scores are left behind for us cleaners. And free for the taking of course.

There are, of course, a few common sense-based guidelines to follow when deciding whether or not the food is acceptable:


#1 Lunch meats & cheeses are never safe. — This one doesn’t even apply to me since I don’t eat meat or dairy, but if I did… The thought of reaching my hand into the same slimy bag that the previous person reached their hand into and could have soiled all the other slices of meat with their fece-covered hands is repulsive. Not trying to suggest that every tenant is a pig, but yanevaknow.

#2 Opened drinks are a no-go. Milk, juice, water or soda bottles. The people could have put their foul fish-lips all over the tops of those bottles and I want nothing to do with it.

#3 Ice cream (for dairy eaters) is tricky. Assuming the tenants are human beings, they perhaps shoved their spittle-speckled spoon back into the container a few times, licking in between, to relish a few more bites before clasping the container closed. Heck, they could have sneezed into it. Unlikely, but once again, who knows. It could be safe. Perhaps you’d like to scrape off the top layer and eat from there. Like my grandmother with molded cheese. Suit yourself.


#1 Unopened items. This one’s pretty obvious and for good reason. If and when the tenants eyes were bigger than their stomachs upon stocking the shelves, congratulations, you just scored.

#2 If the item(s) are individually frozen, and not ice cream. For example. Veggie burgers. Most people don’t stick their dirty spit covered fingers or spoons onto the rest of the burgers when taking them. Though it’s true, they could have. Discretion is advised. Though usually these items are safe bets.

#3 Produce. Whenya find produce, have a party. A produce party. Enjoy this glorious score! (make sure to wash though) 🙂

#4 Condiments. These are usually safe. People don’t usually do strange things with ketchup or mustard. Use ya best judgement if you’re so inclined!


My scores for this weekend:

FRIDAY 1 house

Food scores: None.

SATURDAY 3 houses

House one, 1.5 hours. Food scores: 4 frozen waffles, one bag of frozen sweet corn. One packet of instant decaf coffee. 😀

House two, 2 hours. Food scores: 2.5 pounds organic sweet potatoes!

House three, 2 hours. Food scores: DING DING DING an unopened vitamin water, entire bag of apples, 1 large gala apple, 1 unopened bag of baby carrots, 1 head of iceberg lettuce, 1 jar of peanut butter, 70% filled bottle of olive oil, 80% full bag of local popcorn, 80% full bag of tostitos hint-of-lime chips (though I just learned these aren’t vegan much to my dismay!), 2 individually wrapped whole fruit popsicles and much, much more. The things listed above are just what I took. Along with a turquoise re-usable shopping bag to carry it all. Yusss.

As a disclaimer, I wouldn’t typically buy baby carrots, iceberg lettuce or the other processed stuff, but when it’s free, any produce is better than none, and processed food once in a while is A-okay.


SUNDAY 1 house, 2.5 hours. Food scores: 1 box of organic sweet pea soup. Delicious.

So as you can see, sometimes you score, sometimes not. Cleaning houses is definitely a wonderful summer job and has great perks!

Have any tips on where to score free food? Comment below!! 😉

Thanks for stopping by!! ❤



italy, Mexico, and Japan for dinner

Yuuuuum I can barely contain my excitement to share the amazing dinner I had last night with you all! It was a taste of three countries, all on the same plate. Everything was crunchy, fresh and simply delicious.


After a long day gardening, dog-walking and nannying, I was supah glad to throw this delicious dinner together in less than a half hour!


There’s nothing like fresh-picked kale out of the garden to add a delicious raw crunch to any rice dish. I simply added one large chopped leaf of kale, half of an organic carrot and a dash of soy sauce to some pre-cooked basmati rice I had in the fridge and voila! Crunchy rice side dish.


Next thing I did was wash a couple of medium zucchinis & crank them through my veggetti to produce these beautiful zoodles. I sautéed 4 sliced baby bella mushrooms, 1/4 a red pepper and 1/4 a yellow onion in a pan and added the veggies to my zoodles with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a dash of s&p. Mix together BAM an amazing veggie pasta side! Amazing.


Thirdly came the veggie burger. It was a pre-made MorningStar spicy black bean burger that I simply microwaved for 90 seconds out of sheer laziness. I normally cook these babies in the toaster oven but was real hungry so I opted on the microwave. (Ya win some, ya lose some).

Atop the burger I piled fresh-picked lettuce, cilantro and dill from my garden (picked 15 minutes before!!) and some hot salsa. A beautiful combination of spicy, crunchy flavors in between a fluffy bun.


I had two plates of this.

Yay for vegan dinners and netflix after a long day ❤

Thanks for reading!!


sibling smores-gasbord!

My siblings came for a short visit this weekend which was an absolute blast. I met them in town Thursday evening and we went out to dinner at Tandoor which is a delicious indian place on Exchange St.

I started off with a roti bread with the various chutney sauces for dipping. And then got the aloo muttar (potato/pea curry) over mountains of basmati rice. Though I got some indigestion Continue reading